The cost of living crisis has affected all of us in different ways. From the unimaginably rich to the poorest soul, we are all feeling the effects of this economical crisis one way or another. Whether you’re scraping together all your loose change or anxiously packing toilet paper away for a doomsday scenario, without a doubt, you’re due for quality time to unwind and relax a little bit.

As one of the biggest cities of Europe, London is home to millions of people, busily dashing from one street to another or just enjoying the densely packed avenues of the city. If you were ever tasked with finding a city with plenty to do, you’d head to London! It doesn’t matter where your preferences lie, let this short article brief you on how to have some fun in London – on a budget.

Explore London’s Wild Side!

While London can be an extremely expensive city to live in, it doesn’t always have to be. If you know where to look, spending a weekend in London might not cost you as much as you might imagine. So, why not get you situated with a few basic ideas?

1. Soak in the rich history of one of London’s free museums!

London’s home to a wide range of free entry museums with stunning displays. From the Museum of Natural History to the Museum of The City Guard, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a cheap and educational way to spend an afternoon. Remember, free entry!

2. Explore the vibrant street markets!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a sucker for street food or the perfectly displayed fruit stand, London’s street markets have something for everyone. I mean, you could lose yourself for hours here! From the smell of the mouth watering street food to the lovely people you’ll find – the street markets are a simple no-brainer! And best of all? All of it is at such an affordable price from my experience. 

3.  Take a tour of London via Bicycle!

If you’re more of an active spirit, you’ll be delighted to hear that London is riddled with spots to rent a bike out at! This allows you to cover much larger distances while keeping your body fit – and most importantly, exploring the gorgeous cityscape of London!

Explore Your Wild Side in London!

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