If you’ve joined fuck for free websites, you’re probably excited. You probably have heard all sorts of wild stories from your friends, coworkers and associates regarding the quick, hot, nasty, sweaty, relentless, unforgiving action that they enjoyed. Your mind is probably swimming in all these details and you can’t wait to wait for your turn.

So you fill out a profile, and days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and you start thinking that this is just a waste of your time. It seems like no matter how much work you put into these types of websites, you can’t seem, for the life of you, fuck for free.

Well, here’s the thing, the reason why you’re having such a tough time is because you joined the wrong site. You joined based on hype instead of reality. You joined based on the promise instead of the actual possibilities that are there.

So to do yourself a big favor, make sure that the next time you get excited about a site that advertises itself as a website enabling you to fuck for free, get a hold of your wits. Pay attention to the messaging. If there is any kind of hype, chances are, you are simply having smoke blown at you. It’s probably going to be a waste of your time. You probably would be better off doing something else.

So what are the signs of hype that you should look for? First of all, if they show pictures that feature model quality women, that website is hyped as fuck. Second, if they make any kind of textual claim as to your chances of success, that website is dealing in hype. Finally, if they make a big deal out of the fact that it’s free, you know that they are engaged in hype shenanigans.

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