More couples in the modern world are abandoning the monogamous role in family. Most of you probably know best about open marriage. But many still meet with difficulties in understanding the meaning of life of couples who have chosen cuckold and hotwife. A lot of stupid stereotypes about weak men and dirty women are still associated with these terms.

Stereotypes about the image of a hotwife: what are they?

For some reason, many people think that amateur hotwife is extremely sexy young beauty, by the way, take a look there, you will see that they are as diverse as women are on the Earth!

A hotwife is a married woman whose marriage is open only for her. She can meet other men and have sex with them with the permission and the encouragement of her husband. It is their shared fantasy that strengthens their marriage.

The main stereotypes are related to:

  • appearance;
  • relationships within marriage;
  • husband’s behavior;
  • easy accessibility.

So it turns out in our society that so many things are unnecessarily sexualized. This is what happened with the concept of hotwife and the misconception that this is an exceptionally young and beautiful model with a perfect appearance.

But we must take into account that finally in the 21st century a woman can be herself and not be ashamed of herself in the form in which she is. We live in the age of body positivity. Many couples come to the hotwife lifestyle after 40 years or more, or after you finally sent all three children to an independent life.

The term hotwife can be applied to absolutely any woman that her husband finds sexy and desirable to other men. And it’s not necessarily a sexy woman on the cover of magazines.

Hotwife husbands are not pathetic weaklings and losers

Many have the opinion that the couple chose the hotwife because the husband can no longer satisfy his wife. The opinion about the small size of the spouse also applies here. They think of unhappy husbands and easily accessible wives.

It doesn’t even occur to them that a husband loves his wife so much that he allows her to have sex with others, encourages her, and can even help prepare for a date and choose a partner.

For many, it may be a discovery that intimate relationships in such a marriage are hot and beautiful.

Also, many believe, and it’s actually ridiculous, that a hotwife will have intimate relationships with just about anyone. However, finding the right partner is not an easy task, which sometimes takes a lot of time and problems.

Therefore, there are many non-monogamous lifestyles, and they all differ in their own way and have their own nuances.