Today, with the rise of social networks, the term “friendship” seems to have been popularized. Indeed, we speak of “friend” on Facebook all the people that we add to our profile whatever our real affinities. In this article on the friendly meeting on the Internet, we will go back to the very essence of the notion of friendship, which must remain a real, constructive and lasting value that can sometimes even turn into a sentiment of love.

Comfort, escape and freedom

“The virtual thing is extraordinary to connect the souls of the whole world. What the physical will never allow “(Patrick Louis Richard).

Forced by our obligations and the stress of everyday life, we need to let go, to “empty our bag too full”, to be listened to, supported and understood but it is sometimes difficult to communicate our moods to our close or our friends often very busy and that we do not want to worry. We would also like to share our interests with someone, but often our time for leisure is limited. As a result, we are content to rehash our worries, to ruminate, while a straightforward solution exists: internet.

It’s no secret that the Internet has become a key and revolutionary medium that allows us to meet many of our needs quickly and efficiently. However, when we seek sincere friendships, we do not necessarily think about this mode of encounter.

However, because of its simplicity of use, its instantaneity, its flexibility, and it’s very rich content, the Internet makes it possible to make friendly meetings well targeted and thus to break the straitjacket of loneliness. Whether to find a social life absent in his daily life, to share a passion or to have a listening attentive and benevolent, the relationship can lead to a physical encounter or remain virtual. Virtual friends are accessible almost instantly, and it’s easy to get rid of them. So, you are FREE! This virtual barrier allows both a friendly and introverted person to express themselves because one is more inclined to confide to an “unknown” far from our real environment. And this relationship helps to escape from everyday life and to regain self-confidence.

Effective construction of friendship

“Friendship is a soul in two bodies” (Aristotle)

The need for friends is intimate. It emanates from a desire to exchange with a soul close to his own to feel understood, supported, and invigorated. For this, the physical meeting is not an obligation; only your feeling counts. It is in this sense that the friendly meeting on the Internet is the most appropriate way to your quest.

Thanks to the virtual barrier, prejudices related to physical appearance are banned, exchanges are spontaneous and sincere, uninteresting, and emotions are increased tenfold. Because when we wait for nothing, we are not disappointed, and we speak more liberally.

Know that true friendship is built over time; it can take several years to confirm the emerging affinities and to enter into more intimate confidences. On the Internet, as in reality, you always have to think about protecting yourself, not to say too much at the beginning of the exchanges. Indeed, the search for friendship as love is a game of patience. A friendship is built on the same steps as a relationship because friendship is a form of love, a feeling that touches us deep within ourselves. If you are fortunate, you can even meet a “love at first sight”. Yes, yes, it exists, and it is as strong as love at first sight.

Finally, unlike dating, you do not have to meet each other physically. A friend is a presence that is real or virtual. What matters is sincerity, respect, understanding and listening, and not the physical!

So, you can choose to keep your garden secret and let that virtual relationship be distinct from your actual daily life. This can even be a good thing because a virtual friend will have an objective look at your life and will in principle, be good advice.

If affinities?

Signs Dating

“Love is like friendship: it is, so to speak, madness.” (Seneca)

Developing a deep friendship on the Internet can lead to wanting to go further. It is a natural feeling, but it is better not to transform this beautiful, friendly relationship into love at the risk of ruining everything. It is not because you have active complicity with the person that it will be the same as a couple because expectations are different and change the relationship. And worse, to bring cupid between you would risk to separate you permanently.

In terms of love feelings, men and women are different: women are very sentimental and make their emotional intelligence more involved in love attraction. Therefore, they are likely to be seduced by their virtual friend and tend to idealize it. However, if they realize that the relationship is unsuccessful, they can return to the initial friendly relationship. By cons, a man, in general, from the moment he sees a love opening cannot respond to a friendly relationship and if the relationship does not satisfy him (whether physically or mentally) it will have difficulty to review the other as a friend.

Our advice: the ideal is that a deep friendly relationship started on the Internet remains friendly and remains virtual. “Love has more flowers; friendship has fewer thorns.”