A pianist can play the same note in higher or lower octave, the note is same but the effect is different. Meaning of every word differs when said in different note. For instance the word love could suggest physical lovemaking, possession, but on softer note it denotes spiritual bonding, caring, that connects every soul in this universe. In neo-Latin language the word love originated from amor depicting physical aspect. This is the reason why Latin love seems to be passionate mingled with envy and possession.

Artists in action

Porn is still frown upon, but in a mature society every job should be respected, men and women should be free for their aspiring jobs. Porn has become a mainstream entertainment, the internet bandwidth and large audience exhibits its popularity. Doing something without care, consciousness is hazardous, even masturbating. Premature ejaculation, short penis is part of normal sex life. Pornstars are bold women doing their job not out of pity but for the love of the job. Sharing their beautiful nude body in public domain needs courage and strength.

A beautiful woman with wicked smile on her faces lying in a sofa, wearing red lace lingerie. A tall lean man walks up to her placing a small kiss on her lips, she shivers. The man took out a restrain strap from under the couch and displayed it curtly He cuffed her wrists and fasten them tightly, but not so tight that it hurts. The satin cover under the cuff was relaxing to her.

The desire building

She expected some mischief from him; a chill ran down her spine. The man seat down beside her took out some firm feather, clips and clamps. The rough callous hand squeezed each supple, luscious breast firmly. She grasped and closed her eyes. He open the front hook of the bra, the swollen taut breasts comes to full glory, he leans over taste her perky nipple one by one, his flicked from left to right in circular motion. The stunning babe shivered from his teasing and desire building between her legs.

When some bold independent men and women it is intended for some artwork. Though mainstream XXX porn videos are devoid of aesthetic values, but some premier content in caught masturbating videos are exhibition of magnificent art and sensuality.