Once the terms and conditions have been read from the website and the account has been created, the next step in escort service is obviously to choose the kind of service you want. Though they cannot be particularly distinguished from one another and the categories or services keep changing, they can be broadly classified.

This classification is true all around the world. At least in the places where escort services are not termed illegal or entirely banned. So, when you look through the website with the account you have created, the categories in Ibiza escortdirectory.com will be as follows.

High Class And Elite Escorts

Some men have a particular taste and will only like exquisite things. Even when it comes to the girls they spend their precious time with. Especially the ones belonging to the elite class, that do not have the time to scoop around for such menial things. For such classic men alone, there are elite escorts available.

The escorts under this service and higher class models, are ready to spend time with you in a luxurious way while making sure your time is worth it. Such escorts are normally hired to attend galas, events or business parties. They are fluent in whatever you want from them, especially if it is the classy behaviour that allows them to gel in with the upper class of the society.

Hiring these girls for the event will not disappoint you in any manner.

Especially For BDSM

Do you have some naughty fetishes you want to fulfil? It is either that you have no one to fulfil it with or that your partner is simply not accepting the tempting offer you have put forth. Either way, you don’t need to worry as there is a special service on escort websites only for this. They allow you to experience the most perverted dreams in the most classy way.

The escorts under this service know exactly what you want and will not be shy to go to the extreme extent either. Of course, consent is important as nothing works in this world without it. But you will have their consent once you have run them through what you need from them.

This is one of the most exotic services provided by any escort service website, and also the most hired kinds. So we know where your friends are getting such steamy stories to tell you from. And you even know how to experience these steamy stories first-hand as well.

VIP Escorts To Hush The Secrets

It is not just normal individuals who have their set of desires. No matter how high your net worth is an individual, will want to experience and fulfil all your desires, even if they are too steamy for public view. When they are such steamy for public view, the VIP escort services will help you get through.

These escorts know how to value your privacy, and maintain security as well as discretion. They are just rare jewels that are ready to give you the time of your life and let you relish the ecstasy of being in an exotic situation. The ladies know how to pleasure you to the moon and back, and leave you breathless with unforgettable experiences that keep you wanting more.