Tantra massages in Prague are recently one of the most popular relaxing activity that drags young people into the capital city of Czech Republic.

It is necessary to differentiate between spiritual and erotic tantra massage. The second type is very beneficial for the receiver´s mind and body too.

Not only does the customer get an absolute relaxation, but it raises his sexual awareness and relaxes his soul at the same time.

Tantra massages and its main types

There are various possible types of tantra massage:

  • Woman to man – most popular
  • Woman to woman – favourite among lesbian customers
  • Man to woman – popular among more conservative customers
  • Man to man – favourite among gay customers
  • Couple massage – two lovers can enjoy the massage together at the same time while each one is receiving it from a different masseuse.

The masseuse

The masseuse is a high-skilled person, usually a beautiful lady giving the massage to the client.

She is the one who helps the customer pick aromatic massage oil and other massage accessories.

If the clients choose a body-to-body massage, she will rub the massage oil onto herself as well and provide erotic enjoyment for the client as well as for herself.

The massage rooms

The massage rooms are designed to illustrate Indian culture and give relaxation for the customers too.

Main colours used in these rooms are red, orange and yellow. Long soft curtains and plenty of aromatic candles add to the authentic atmosphere.

In the centre of the room is situated massage table, or soft carpet with many pillows, so that the receiver of the massage feels comfortable.

Spiritual vs. erotic massage

These 2 kinds of massages are similar and different at the same time. Both are focused on body relaxation, but the difference is in the procedure and purpose.

Spiritual tantra massage

Spiritual massage focuses on receiver´s mind and spiritual connection with the masseuse.

Even the old Indian tribes were aware that if you want to relax your mind your body has to be relaxed too.

Erotic tantra massage

Erotic massage leads to erotic satisfaction of the receiver.

The masseuse stimulates erogenous zones of the body and helps the receiver get an orgasm, but not necessarily.


Since Prague is a capital city of Czech Republic, there has to be something outstanding that makes it special.

Every year, thousands of tourists visit this city. Many of them arrive because of the unique services which are being kept on a high standard.

The most favourite activities are culture, spas and massages. The customers can opt for classic spa resorts but more and more of them looks for a very specific tantra massages.

Prague offers plenty of tantra studios providing relaxation of every kind. Because of the number of foreign tourists, every masseuse speaks English at least on communicative level.

Do not hesitate and try it

Tantra massage is still a little unconventional but customers who tried it once return regularly.

Furthermore, escort services are becoming very popular among people who wish to experience the massage at home without going anywhere outside.