Massage therapy is considered one of the ancient healing traditions practiced by many peoples such as the Chinese, Indians, Greeks and Egyptians. There are many therapeutic benefits of getting a massage such as relieving stress and tension and even helping improve a person’s overall health and well-being.

Most people are well aware of certain traditional types of massage such as the following: 

– Aromatherapy

– Reflexology

– Remedial

– Reflexology

– Shiatsu

– Sports

– Therapeutic

But have you heard of erotic or sexual massage? Now, this may sound a bit sensitive for some people but erotic massage has been practiced since ancient times because of the many benefits that it brings to the body.

An erotic massage is basically similar to the traditional types of massage but its main purpose is to provide arousal and orgasm to the person. This activity may be considered illegal in some parts of the world but they are some that offer it in a discreet way which gave rise to the term “happy ending massage”.

Reasons Why You Need To Try Erotic Massage

  1. Helps improve your sexual stamina

A good massage including the erotic kind can stimulate the nervous system which can aid the body to release sex hormones. If you can’t naturally achieve orgasm then you may greatly benefit from getting an erotic massage from the experts in erotic massage London.

  1. Helps reduce the risks of heart attack

Having a healthy sex life can contribute to having a well-functioning heart. Sex is also a good form of exercise which can help stimulate the heart and improve its function. You are hitting two birds with one stone when you incorporate erotic massage with sexual intercourse.

  1. Helps improve your quality of sleep

Getting a massage can increase your serotonin levels which can aid in good sleep. The strokes involved in erotic massage will not only give pleasure to the person but will also make them feel more relaxed and can help induce sleep.

  1. Helps get rid of stress and tension

A conventional massage will help relieve a person from the daily stress in life and will also provide that much-needed relief. An erotic massage will also help get rid of any emotional stress especially when the person reaches climax.

  1. Helps boost the immune system

Massage therapy in general is known to help increase the white blood cell count which can help protect the body from diseases since it can boost the function of the immune system. Getting a regular massage especially the erotic form can certainly do wonders to a person’s health and well-being.

Erotic massage can provide wonderful benefits to a person and can also improve their relationship with their partners. You can add an intimate erotic massage to your next lovemaking session wherein you and your partner will enjoy the benefits.

You can also hire an experienced therapist to get the utmost satisfaction. It is also advisable to consult your doctor before the massage session especially if you have any existing medical conditions.