Pregnancy doesn’t come along often, and for first time moms there are some pretty exciting things you might want to think about, even if no one is talking about them.

When it comes to being pregnant— you’re probably ready for the swollen feet, the morning sickness, the nursery, and the beautiful baby you’ll soon have. So much of the process of pregnancy is about looking ahead— where little focus is placed on enjoying the short time you get while awaiting your little one.

However, maybe we should start to take advantage of some of the passing changes that can be expected while you’re getting ready for the next chapter in your life, and pregnant porn can help give you some ideas that no one else is ready to talk about.

Widespread Changes

It’s no secret that when women become pregnant— the body starts going through a number of changes. Nearly no bodily system goes untouched during the nine months you’ll be baking that bun. From your circulatory system, to hormones, digestion, and pretty much everything else— all of these changes ensure that both your body and your baby’s stay in tip top shape for the process ahead. But they can cause some pretty wild things to happen.

Hormonal changes can cause abrupt changes in your mood and general emotional state. The changes in the amount of circulating progesterone and oestrogen can cause nausea and sleep disturbances, but can also be held accountable for that signature “glow” and provide necessary support for your growing baby.

Physical changes like weight gain, bloating, changes to hair texture and structure, and flexibility and balance can all change how your body actually works. Some changes will sustain overtime, while others will only last as long as your pregnancy does.

Emotional changes are almost guaranteed to be the most noticeable of all the things that will be changing in your life. Mood swing, crying sessions, periods of absolute joy… and some serious changes to your libido.

What They Can Do

While all women will experience pregnancy differently, all will see some changes to their bodies and most definitely their lives. Having sex during pregnancy is a time to be cherished, and no matter how long those nine months may seem— they’re worth taking advantage of. Especially when it comes to the bedroom. All of the changes you experience can be the perfect time to explore new and different adventures between the sheets, and pregnant porn— along with these new found changes— can help.

While some of these changes can be uncomfortable, some of them can help you to explore new positions, sensations, and experiences that may not be possible at any other time. Allowing for a special type of emotional and physical freeness. Explore your own fetishes and grab a serious grip onto your new brand of femininity. Especially because once that baby arrives— priorities will surely shift.

What You Can Do

New emotional fluctuations and hormone surges can help to increase intimacy in ways you couldn’t imagine. With increases in progesterone, oestrogen, and oxytocin already ever present, the pregnant orgasm can serve to boost these already incredible levels, allowing you to feel closer to your partner than ever before.

Increases in pelvic blood flow and natural lubrication means that new positions— and the energy levels that could rival that of the battery bunny — means that you could find yourself in the middle of a bump and grind in the most unlikely of places. Feeling newly frisky? Check out some adult cinema to get some ideas on how to best release these new and exciting feelings. From certain positions to the best ways to ramp up your foreplay game.

Increases in flexibility can help you achieve some of the wildest positions that you’d never dreamed of before— and may never be able to do again. The reality is, that it’s your pregnancy, and you should take full advantage of the experience of your life.