The idea of having a partner is often more appealing than reality. The idea of a partner is usually based on an idealized version of what a partner should be. Unfortunately, the truth is often less than perfect and can involve much work and compromise.

Generally, people expect their partners to be loyal, honest, and supportive. One hopes their partner to be their best friend, soulmate and confidante, and someone with whom they can share everything. They expect their partner to be sincere, loyal and trustworthy.

Often, however, people find that their partner could not always be all of these things. For example, they may find their partner is not always as loyal or trustworthy as they would like them to be. It doesn’t mean that a realistic partner is bad, but a person with strong and weak points.

So, how is it to be in a healthy relationship in real life?

The idealization of being a couple among young people

Most of them view being in a romantic relationship as the epitome of happiness: many dates, a permanent euphoria and sex  as if they were with a Glasgow escort. Of course, it is not a real scenario.

As a result, they often have unrealistic expectations of being in a romantic relationship. Nevertheless, even they will go to great lengths to find a partner and/or maintain a relationship, even if it means sacrificing their happiness and well-being.

This problem can cause young people to put pressure on themselves or their partners, leading to conflict or the end of it. In the future, this behavior can lead to unhealthy and codependent relationships and general dissatisfaction with life if they cannot find a partner.

It is a perfect scenario for having a wrong idea about what relationships really are. They are not like we can watch on TV; they are not about sacrificing well-being. This is an immature point of view that people can maintain in their adult life, and it is necessary to learn how to correct it.

Ideal couple vs real couple

In a perfect couple, both partners are financially stable, communicative, and equally committed to the relationship. There is barely or no conflict between them, and they maintain a healthy balance of time spent together and apart.

An ideal partner is always happy and in love with you. They don’t have any reason to fight or argue about anything because they always agree with you. In fact, they don’t have any problems but are looking for a perfect and fantastic relationship.

A partner is supposed to be someone who is there for you during the good and the bad times. They are supposed to be your best friend and biggest supporter, and should make you feel loved and appreciated.

It seems that an ideal partner does not live within the relationship because he or she is not a physical person. That’s the main problem. You can’t look for a perfect partner because you can’t control how they will be with you. It’s not like they’re a Brisbane escorts you’ve hired on a site like Skokka. It’s a bit more complex.

In a real couple, one or both partners may not be financially stable, communication may be lacking, and commitment levels may vary. Conflict is normal, and couples must work to find a balance that works for them.

Real couples are the ones who fight through hardships and come out stronger on the other side. They are the ones who can overcome any obstacle because they know that they have each other to lean on. They are the ones who know that even though they may not be perfect, they still love each other.

A partner is someone who is there for you most of the time, but may not always be there when you need them the most. They may not always be supportive, but they should still make you feel loved and appreciated.

The problem of the idealization of sex in a couple’s relationship

People in a couple’s relationship often idealise sex and see it as perfect and always satisfying. The problem with this fantasy about sex is that it can lead to unrealistic expectations and a feeling of disappointment or dissatisfaction.

When one or both partners idealize sex, they may overlook or downplay the importance of intimacy, emotional connection, and communication in a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship.

Sexual relations in a couple differ from a meeting with an escort because they are not always perfect. There will be times when it is not as satisfying as you would like it to be.

If a couple believes that sex should always be perfect, they may be disappointed or even resentful if it isn’t. This idealization can put pressure on both partners to perform. It can make sex feel like a chore rather than a pleasurable experience. For this reason, it is essential to be realistic about sex in a couple’s relationship and to understand that.

This is normal, and talking about it with your partner is okay. Find out the reasons if you are constantly disappointed in sex. It might be worth discussing this with a therapist or counsellor who can help you explore your expectations and needs.